What is FordPass™?

What is FordPass

Collinsville drivers know it’s more important than ever to stay connected when making the drive to Fairview Heights and beyond. If you’re wondering, “Is my FordPass™ going to keep me connected?” the answer is, absolutely! What is FordPass™? It’s Ford’s proprietary connectivity app that puts the power of your vehicle in the palm of your hand, no matter where you are. Take a look at what the FordPass™ app has to offer you and how to set up my FordPass™. Once you know how to use my FordPass™, shop our Ford inventory to find your new vehicle!

The Functions of FordPass™

When you download the FordPass™ app from your preferred app store you’re giving yourself connectivity power that you’d normally have to be in the cabin to experience. Here are the features Granite City drivers will love when they learn what is FordPass™:

  • Control Your Vehicle: From your phone, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your Ford’s doors, and start and stop the engine, all at no extra cost. Or, with an upgrade, you can set a schedule for when to start your Ford.

  • Check Your Stats: FordPass™ lets you check your oil or fuel levels and mileage on your phone from anywhere. It also keeps track of your maintenance history. Tired of forgetting where you parked? FordPass™ will let you know.

  • Create a WiFi Hotspot: FordPass™ can provide WiFi for up to ten devices in your Ford.

  • Access Roadside Assistance

  • FordPass Rewards™: As a FordPass™ member you can earn points when you shop and redeem them to save money on maintenance.

  • Make Ford Credit Payments Securely

  • Manage Your Electric Vehicle: If you drive a Ford Mustang Mach-E, you can start programming it via FordPass™ before it’s in your garage. You can also use the Phone as Key function, and manage your charging options.

How to Set Up FordPass™

Setting up the FordPass™ app is easy: just check your owner’s manual to make sure your Ford is equipped with the FordPass Connect™ modem, then download the app. Follow the instructions to add your Ford to the FordPass™ garage and you’re all set!

Experience FordPass™ with a Test Drive at Auffenberg Ford North

If you’d like to find out more about how FordPass™ works and try it or other Ford technology (like the anti-theft system) for yourself, contact Auffenberg Ford North to arrange an appointment for a test drive. Get ready to experience the next generation of Ford connectivity and all it can do for you!