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It's another ground breaking first for Ford and a leap into the future fr the Mustang brand.  The all-new 2021 mustang mach-E all-electric SUV features all the benefits America loves about Mustang - sporty, aggressive styling and exhilarating performance - merged with modern technology and mobility for a new generation of owners. Mustang Mach‑E is designed for customers who appreciate performance, featuring nearly instant torque response and 0‑60 mph times in the mid 5‑second range for AWD models. Mustang Mach‑E also achieves a new EV experience with true SUV spaciousness, first-for-Ford technologies and exclusive Drive Experiences. Mustang Mach‑E is a new idea for a new decade, promising zero vehicle emissions mixed with the Mustang creed - make it fast, fun and a symbol of freedom. Available late 2020.