Most Collinsville and Granite City drivers are continuously looking for ways to conserve energy and fuel as they drive around. Naturally, many of the new Ford vehicles are fuel efficient or have hybrid options. If you're curious about fuel efficient driving habits or how to be fuel efficient, read our service guide below on best practices! 

5 Fuel Efficient Driving Habits 

Learning fuel efficient driving habits can only benefit you, your pockets, and your vehicle. Here are a few helpful tips on how to be fuel efficient in Fairview Heights: 

  • Accelerate Softly and Slowly: Press down on your gas pedal softly and slowly. A smooth acceleration will use less fuel. Allow your vehicle to take five seconds to reach 10 mph after a full stop.
  • Plan Ahead for Traffic: Try to avoid stop-and-go traffic as much as you can! This increases fuel emissions. This is a great example of how to be fuel efficient - just try to leave 15 to 20 minutes earlier to your destination. 
  • Avoid High Speeds: Another great fuel efficient driving habit that is a little more difficult to follow is driving at lower or average speeds. For best fuel economy on the highway, remain the speed range of 55 to 65 mph (or the speed limit). Now if you're wondering, 'How can you save fuel while driving on hills?" This is a great tip for fuel efficiency and safety while cruising hilly terrain. 
  • Coast to a Stop: Refrain from constantly applying your brakes, view the road ahead and coast to a stop. How can you save fuel while driving on hills? Similar to this tip, slow down your speed as you travel uphill and then use the momentum to coast back down. 
  • Use Air Conditioning Sparingly: If the high temps are bearable, try to avoid using your air conditioning. When the air conditioning system is on full blast, it uses 20% of your fuel. Click the recirculate function so the system isn't on full-blast. 

Shop for a New Fuel-Efficient Vehicle at Auffenberg Ford North 

Now that we've answered your questions on how to be fuel efficient and provided best fuel efficient driving habits, contact us today to check out our featured new vehicles.