Many new Ford models come with a variety of innovative features, and one such technology is Ford Remote Start. Aimed at providing Collinsville drivers with greater convenience, Ford Remote Start allows you to get your car started from the comfort of your home. That way, when you're ready to leave, the cabin will be nice and toasty for you. Unsure how to use Ford Remote Start? Consult this guide from Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon for some tips.

Ford Remote Start Tips

Below, Fairview Heights drivers will find some helpful tips on how to use Ford Remote Start.

Start Your Ford

  • Press the lock button on your Ford key fob to ensure your vehicle's doors are locked.
  • Press the remote start button twice to start the ignition.
  • If the command is successful, the exterior lamps with flash twice.
  • If the command fails, the horn will sound.

Turn Off Your Ford

  • After your vehicle is running, press the remote start button once.
  • If the command is successful, the exterior lamps will turn off.

Use the Memory Feature (if equipped)

  • Some Ford Remote Start systems come equipped with a memory feature, which allows you to adjust seating, mirror, and steering column positions when remote start is activated, as long as the positions are pre-set.

Ford Remote Start Status

Along with the visual and audio cues mentioned above, some Ford key fobs have lights that will inform you of your remote start status, Here is what each status indicates:

  • Solid Green: Remote start successful. 
  • Solid Red: Remote stop successful. The vehicle is off. 
  • Blinking Red: Remote stop or start failed. 
  • Blinking Green: Awaiting status update. 

Why Won't Ford Remote Start Work? 

Reasons that your attempts to remotely start your vehicle near Granite City continue to fail include:

  • Your ignition is already on.
  • You triggered an alarm.
  • The remote stop/start system is disabled.
  • The hood of your vehicle is open.
  • Your vehicle battery is low on power.
  • The "Service engine soon" light is illuminated on the dashboard.

If you are still having trouble with Ford Remote Start, then schedule service with Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon, and our expert technicians can diagnose any issues affecting the system.

Ford Remote Access via FordPass

Ford models that have Ford SYNC Connect also have access to FordPass, which offers Ford Remote Access for Collinsville drivers. Using the FordPass smartphone app, you can:

  • Start and stop your vehicle remotely.
  • Lock and unlock your vehicle remotely.
  • Schedule a time for your vehicle to start. 
  • Check gas and fluid levels.

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