What is Ford MyKey?

What is Ford MyKey

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What is Ford MyKey and what does it do? This exclusive Ford feature allows you to set various safety levels for your Ford vehicle. Whether you want to protect a teenage driver or just keep your family sticking with good safety habits, Ford MyKey lets you do it. Learn more about what you can and can’t do with this feature with Auffenberg Ford North, and then try out Ford MyKey at our dealership near Granite City!

What You CAN Change with MyKey

Using Ford MyKey, you can set certain safety limits to help you keep drivers and passengers protected in Fairview Heights. These include:

  • Setting the Speed Limit- With the speed limit set, drivers won’t be able to override the top speed, even when using cruise control or pressing down the pedal. What’s more, there will be an audible warning and visual display to alert drivers they’re reaching the top speed allowed. Note: It’s important to avoid setting speed limits that could interfere with a driver maintaining a safe speed in relation to road conditions and speed limits.
  • Speed Limit Minders- Set a speed, and drivers will be alerted with a display and tone if they pass this speed.
  • Limit Audio Volume- You can set the audio volume to max out at 45%. If the driver attempts to surpass the limit, a message will show in the display.
  • Enable Features- Enable features such as 911 assist or Advanced Trac if your vehicle is equipped.

What You CAN’T Change With MyKey

With MyKey, there are certain safety features and settings you can’t adjust. These include:

  • The seatbelt light reminder will stay turned on and the audio system will mute until front passengers are buckled in.
  • Low fuel/low charge warnings activate earlier for MyKey users, allowing them more opportunity to replenish their vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is equipped with driver assistance features and/or parking aids, they will be turned on.
  • For vehicles with satellite radio, adult content restrictions will be automatically put in place.

Experience Ford MyKey Today Near Collinsville

If you’d like to test out Ford MyKey, or any other Ford technology, schedule an appointment to get into a new Ford today at Auffenberg Ford North! We can share more about MyKey, including showing you how to program and turn off this feature!