Advice, Tips, & Pointers to Make Your Lease Return Stress-Free & Easy!

As your lease draws to a close, you might be wondering what the next steps are, and how you can prepare yourself for a smooth transition.  Here at Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon, we're offering this page of tips and pointers to help you prepare for the end of your lease and turning your vehicle back in to the dealership. It's always our goal to make auto financing and lease returns quick and easy, and for our valued customers from O'Fallon, Belleville, Collinsville, Fairview Heights, Granite City, and St. Clair County, we're hoping to take some of the guesswork out of the whole process. For those who still have questions, we're on hand to help, just give us a call at (877) 826-8380, read on below to see our advice about how to prepare for the end of your lease and returning your leased vehicle.

Tips, Pointers, & Advice for Returning Your Ford Lease

What Should I Expect?

While there are other options at the end of a lease, by far the most popular and convenient option is to turn your leased vehicle back into the dealership. This process is relatively straightforward and should be outlined in your lease terms. On the agreed upon date, you'll be expected to bring your vehicle into the dealership with everything that it went home with-this includes things like spare keys, spare tires, floor mats, and driver's manuals. There is a lease end inspection, during which your vehicle will be assessed for wear and tear, and if it is deemed to have excessive wear and tear, you could be charged an extra fee. By far, our best advice for a smooth return of your leased vehicle is to plan ahead and get prepared early.

How to Get Prepared

  • Since you know you'll have to bring everything back to the dealership, it can save you a lot of stress if you begin gathering the items you need well in advance of the return date. This gives you time to track down that spare set of keys you lent to your brother, ensuring you go into the lease return confident and prepared!
  • You can also save yourself some stress (and potentially some money!) by preparing ahead of time for the Lease Inspection. If you feel so include, you can bring your vehicle to be inspected ahead of time by a third party. This will tip you off to any excess wear and tear, giving you the opportunity to take care of dings, dents, stains, or other issues before you arrive. Of course, you can always decide the cost of repair is more burdensome than the excess wear and tear fee, but at least you'll be making a well-informed decision.
  • When you come to the inspection, if you are charged for excess wear and tear, you do have the option to contest charges. This isn't a guarantee that fees will be waived or reduced, but there's a possibility, and you deserve to be aware of your rights and options.
  • Of course, life is full of should have, would have moments, so if you're reading these tips just a little late, consider asking for a lease extension! If granted, you'll have a little breathing room, giving you time to take care of some repairs or replacements you wanted to get to but didn't have time for, and if you're still not sure what to do at the end of your lease, a lease extension gives you time to investigate your options without forcing you into a decision!