End of Lease Options at Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon

Make the Best Lease-End Decision for You-Choose From One of the 4 Options Below

Most leases last anywhere between three to five years, and all leases must come to an end, so if you're approaching the end of your lease and you're wondering what the next steps are, here at Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon are here to say, you've got options! There are four main courses of action when it's time to end your current lease, and someone from our finance department is always on hand during business hours to help walk you through the process, so if you find yourself with some lingering questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at (877) 826-8380.

Your End of Lease Options

Option 1: Return Your Leased Ford Car, SUV, or Truck to Us and Move On to Another New Ford Model!

This is perhaps the easiest of our four options, and it tends to be the most popular for our customers. Not only does this keep you in the driver's seat without interruption, you also get the added bonus of upgrading to something newer, fresher, and more fun every few years. If you're looking to get a jump on things, you can always get in contact with us ahead of time to see which new Ford models you might be interested in after moving on from your current lease.

Option 2: Did You Fall in Love With Your Lease? Purchase It at the End of Your Contract!

It isn't uncommon for drivers to forge a special bond with their leased vehicle, and if you're not looking forward to parting with yours, you do have the option to purchase it outright when your lease contract is up! Because your lease payments reflect the cost of depreciation, you usually end up paying for the residual value when you purchase.

Option 3: Not Sure What to Do Yet? Extend Your Lease Contract and Buy Yourself Some Breathing Room!

If you're not sure what to do after your lease is up, if you need a little more time to get everything in order before the lease-end date, or if you're still looking for a replacement vehicle but haven't quite found the one, you do have the option of extending your current lease. This usually maintains the current terms of your lease while giving you a little extra time to sew up loose ends!

Option 4: Trade In Your Vehicle and Put the Credit Toward a New One!

While this option doesn't apply to most people, it's worth noting that for customers who choose to buy their vehicles at the end of the lease, or for those who made a substantial down payment and retain equity in the vehicle, you can trade that equity or purchased vehicle into us and put the value toward the purchase of a brand new Ford car, SUV, or truck.