Red Car Turning Sharply 

As your car gets older, or as it experiences significant wear and tear, you may begin to hear strange noises as you travel around Collinsville. Common car noises that Fairview Heights-area drivers hear come from the brakes or the steering wheel, but there are many others of which to take note. 

Asking yourself, "Why does my car make noise when I turn?" The team at Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon is here to assist. Otherwise, feel free to schedule service near Granite City! 

Common Car Noises When Making a Turn

If you're driving a brand-new Ford or a properly functioning vehicle, you won't hear any noise when making a turn. However, if you begin to notice clunking, popping, creaking, squealing, groaning, screeching, or whining noises, it's safe to assume that there is something wrong. Below, the Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon Service Center provides some reasoning behind common car noises when making a turn:

  • Suspension joints: If you notice creaking, clunking, or popping when turning at lower speeds, then you may have worn out or broken suspension joints.
  • Power steering pump: Similarly emitted at low speeds, a whining sound seemingly coming from the engine actually has to do with the power steering pump.
  • CV joints: A crunching noise at high speeds usually point to a problem with the CV joints.
  • Power steering system: When turning at a normal speed in Collinsville, a screeching or whining noise may indicate an issue with the power steering system. Repairs on the power steering system can be simple, or they may be more involved, as this system is quite complex.
  • Tie rods: Loose or broken tie rods may result in clunking noises as you turn.
  • Sway bar link: Along with a knocking noise, you will also experience poor handling due to a failing sway bar link.
  • Ball joints: A creaking sound will get louder and louder if there is an issue with the ball joints.
  • Bushing: As a component of your suspension system, the bushing joint may need lubrication if you hear a creaking noise as you turn.
  • Struts and shocks: Noise paired with bounciness and looseness as you drive over bumps in Fairview Heights typically point to problems with your shocks and struts.

Diagnose the Cause of Your Car Noise with Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon

Hopefully, this guide has helped you pinpoint why your car makes noises when you turn, but you likely need a professional to diagnose the exact cause. The technicians at Auffenberg Ford O'Fallon have the expertise to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and we have a variety of service coupons to help you save on maintenance and repairs. Get in touch for further assistance!