The Main Differences Between Synthetic and Conventional Oil

In most cases, synthetic oil will typically perform better than conventional oil. Synthetic will do a better job at providing more protection for your vehicle. The big question, however, is why?

Synthetic oil is not only refined but also purified, distilled, and even broken down into the basic molecules. This will remove impurities from the oil and enable the individual molecules to be tailored to each different demand of a modern engine. This will provide a higher level of protection as well as a higher performance than your typical conventional oil. This will help not only offer your engine a greater protection but also help keep it cleaner, help it flow better in lower temperatures as well as protect at higher temperatures, and it will even protect your critical turbocharger parts. Under more extreme cases, conventional oils will typically break down easier and quicker. When it breaks down, it exposes your engine to wear. This is why synthetic can help protect your engine better and longer.

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