2021 Ford Escape vs. 2021 Honda CR-V

2021 Ford Escape vs 2021 Honda CR-V

The compact SUV segment is exceptionally competitive. After all, in order to appeal to the most discerning drivers, these models need to offer ample power and capability, practical fuel economy, plenty of space, and more–in short, a little bit of everything. Those comparing the 2021 Ford Escape vs. Honda CR-V might expect a close match-up. In fact, the advantages of the Escape are clear as day!

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable vehicle that will never leave you wanting more power on the highway, there’s really only one option you should consider.

Ford Escape vs. CR-V: Performance & Engine Options

The 2021 Ford Escape comes standard with a 1.5L I3 engine, while the 2021 Honda CR-V comes standard with a 1.5L I4. Here’s how they measure up on Collinsville and Fairview Heights highways:

  • *Power & Specs: * Although the CR-V has a slight edge in horsepower (190 vs. 181), the Ford Escape wins out on torque (190 vs. 179 lb-ft) and it also accelerates from 0 to 60 mph more quickly (6.9 vs. 7.6 seconds).
  • Transmissions: This last difference is at least partly due to the differences between their transmissions. While the CR-V employs a sluggish CVT, the Escape includes an 8-speed automatic.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Even so, both compact SUVs offer standard fuel economy of up to 34 mpg highway.

The Ford Escape offers one engine upgrade, and this model is also available as a hybrid! The CR-V is also available as a hybrid, but its gas-powered variant only offers the one engine identified above. Here’s a closer look at your options across the lineup:

  • Ford Escape Engine Upgrade: If you step up to the SEL or Titanium trim levels, you can access a 2.0L turbocharged I4 that generates 250 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque.
  • Ford Escape Hybrid vs. Honda CR-V Hybrid : If you’re considering hybrid vehicles, you should know that the Escape Hybrid gets up to 44 mpg in the city. The CR-V Hybrid falls short with just 40 mpg in the city.

Ford Escape vs. CR-V: Capability & Capacity

A compact SUV should be able to do it all. If you really want to upgrade your adventures in the Granite City area, you should know that only one of these vehicles really lets you pull out all the stops:

  • When properly configured, the Ford Escape can tow up to 3,500 pounds –more than enough to pull a small trailer, a couple of ATVs, or even a lightweight boat.
  • With the CR-V towing capacity of 1,500 pounds , you’ll have to stay away from all but the lightest and most manageable outdoor equipment and moving gear.

Of course, you won’t necessarily need to hook up a trailer to move bulky cargo. With relatively few changes from year to year, you can learn more now by checking out the 2020 Escape dimensions or taking an in-depth look at the outgoing model’s cargo area.

Ford Escape vs. CR-V: Reliability

Of course, you don’t just want something powerful. You also want to make sure that you’ve chosen a reliable, dependable vehicle that will hold up for years to come!

Although the CR-V has an “above average” predicted reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5–according to J.D. Power–the Ford Escape once again comes out ahead. Its own rating–4.5 out of 5–should give you all the peace of mind you’re searching for.

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